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I publish an online magazine called Southern Soil, you can find many writing and editing samples on the homepage and the links you will find there. I write most of the articles in the bi-monthly magazine and edit the rest. I also write the blog, web and social media content.

Included below is a selection of my other writings. I have included examples of feature stories, marketing content, press releases and columns. Just click on the links provided to view the full articles.Sarah quote

Feature stories written in AP style for newspaper publication.

Lorin Waters    Lorin Waters, Evans County Sheriff from 1959 – 1972, is a lifelong resident of Evans County with the exception of the time he spent serving his country during World War II. Waters’ affection for his hometown is obvious when his eyes light up with the recollections of his past. His story, intricately entwined with the County’s history, is nearly as long. As Evans County turns 100, Waters will soon be 97.

Local woman receives Lincoln Award in D.C. , Cont.  A small town girl from Mississippi and a current resident of Claxton was honored last week in D.C. as the recipient of a Lincoln Award. Britnee Kinard is in the national spotlight for her work and tireless determination on behalf of her own husband, other veterans and their caregivers.

Dianne Lott  Dianne Lott, a local cancer survivor, has recently been pulled back into the fight. Lott was originally diagnosed with breast cancer in 2012, and thought her battle with the disease was over when she underwent a mastectomy and was told that all traces of cancer had been removed. Unfortunately, that was not the case.

Marketing Content and Press Releases for clients.

Feature story for SD Gunner Fund Louisville has a new resident! Meet Service Dog in Training (SDiT) Olivia who will be living with her trainer, Gloria Davis CPDT-KA (Certified Professional Dog Trainer-Knowledge Assessed), for the next few months as she prepares for life as a service animal for a veteran with PTSD. SDiT Olivia is a Tri-Color Collie who at 16 weeks of age still has a lot of growing to do.

Business Spotlight AgriView  AgriView Systems, founded in the summer of 2014 by family members Eric Hendrix and Larry Hendrix, is Georgia’s exclusive AgEagle dealer. AgriView Systems uniquely combines generations of farm experience with decades of technology and software experience to provide customers with an unmatched level of expertise in both the farm and technology fields.

Press Release for Zoomability  On December 17, 2015, Oceanside resident Daniel Litzenberg will receive a life-changing gift through the generous donations of his fellow Americans from the non profit organization, The Independence Fund.

The Zoom Life – Ivanna Brown  The Zoom Life shares the stories of individuals who epitomize the spirit of Zoomability and the Zoom itself. People who embrace their independence and choose a life of freedom and joy. Meet Ivanna Brown, independence could very well be the defining theme of Ivanna’s life. Injured in a car accident at the age of 25, Ivanna found a way to keep on moving and she doesn’t plan to slow down any time soon.

The Zoom Life – Buddy Mays   Buddy Mays has always been an active guy and he has not allowed his wheelchair to slow him down. He found his motivation to remain active by participating in adaptive sports which was just the therapy that he needed to restore normalcy to his life after injury. Buddy has been participating in the Wheelchair Games for the past ten years and recommends that any veteran, who qualifies, participates in the Games at least once. “Your first year is free, I can guarantee you if you’ll go to the Wheelchair Games the first year, you’ll go every year.”

Columns for newspaper publication, first person perspective.

Wartime Love StoryContinued   A box of yellowed letters postmarked in the 40’s, a marriage license and a Purple Heart medal from World War II, accompanied by the dusty scent of the passage of time. It was the kind of thing that immediately sparks my interest – investigative antennae fully engaged.

Love Letter ReunionContinued It was several months in the making – a reunion with someone I’d never actually met. It all began with a box of letters, a Purple Heart medal and a mission to find their rightful home.

Writer gets to know grandfather through war researchContinued  My mother has in her possession, a small leather pouch that her father carried through his time at war. What I know of my grandfather’s war experience, I am learning from the contents of that pouch.

Three part in-depth series for newspaper publication

Senior Center First Installment  An appeal on behalf of the Evans County Senior Center was presented to Evans County residents and businesses requesting assistance to make a funding deficit for the nutrition program.

Senior Center Follow Up , Continued Though still facing a funding deficit, Concerted Services, Inc. has renewed its contract with the State to continue providing the Senior Nutrition Program for Evans County. “We decided to renew. We didn’t raise nearly the amount of money that we needed, but its important enough to us to try a little more,” explained CSI Community Services Director Diane Rogers.

Senior Center Third Installment  The Nutrition Program for the Elderly provides much more than a nutritious meal for a senior citizen. It provides the opportunity for fellowship, a reason to get up and get going in the morning, the chance to get out of the house, activities to enrich the mind, exercise to improve the body,  and a connection to the outside world.