Hello! My name is LeeAnna Tatum and I’m a writer.

Some people are eloquent speakers, engaging an audience with wit and charm. Some are graceful dancers, evoking emotion and conveying meaning with every movement.

I communicate through writing – carefully crafting sentences and paragraphs in order to take the reader along with me down the chosen path.

I didn’t get to the profession of writing quickly – I took a rather circuitous route to get here. As is often the case in life, those seemingly random twists and turns were there for a reason. They have brought me here, to this place where passion meets purpose and experience intersects with inquisitiveness.

My work experience began with manual labor and production (hard hat, tool belt, the works!) during my early years and moved toward office jobs from there. I have worked as a bookkeeper, college admissions specialist, nonprofit administrator, newspaper writer, administrative consultant and web marketer. And that’s just to name a few!

I have an Associate in Arts degree in Business Administration and Economics, a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science (don’t ask, it seemed like a good idea at the time), and a Master’s in Public Administration.

I am passionate about writing and I’m fanatical about research. My varied work history and educational background give me a broad foundation in many areas related to business and nonprofits.

I have experience writing: protocols and procedures, AP style feature stories, press releases, web content, social media content, blogs, marketing copy, brochures, newsletters, e-newsletters and more.

So, the only thing left to say is – how can I put my life experience and my writing skills to work for you and your business?

I can be reached via email at leeannatatum@gmail.com

I publish an online magazine called Southern Soil, you can find many writing and editing samples on the homepage and the links you will find there. I write most of the articles in the magazine and edit the rest. I also write the blog, web and social media content.

You can also check out my personal blog, South Georgia Transplant.


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